"Monica saved my life, I’m pretty sure.
I had been sick for many months and finally had surgery to remove a tumor and my appendix… but my
aversion to food persisted. Ingrained thoughts and my body’s own reactions equated food with nausea
and vomiting.
I was losing weight at a very fast rate and was not getting the nutrition my body needed to survive.
Others may have different issues than mine, but I can tell you that Monica is caring, compassionate and
knows what she is doing. With her nutrition guidance, I was able to get myself back on track. My body is
getting the nutrition it needs and my outlook on life has gone from desperation to optimism.
If you are having issues with food, regardless of what end of the spectrum you may be on, I urge you to contact Monica. She truly is an angel to me."

-Laurie Ryan, Akumal Mexico 

"Where do I start? I’ve had digestive issues for over five years now. I’ve been incorrectly treated by several gastroenterologists (hindsight) and basically ended up doing my own research into my problems. I was getting overwhelmed with all the research out there and thought maybe I should go on a plant-based diet. I do enjoy my meat but was desperate for a solution to my stomach issues. Things were spiraling out of control and I was desperate to feel better. Had no idea how to go about such a diet, especially given where I live here in Mexico!
I’ve worked with dieticians in the past- yes, you get 30 minutes of their time and they give you a one-size-fits-all diet.  Never did anything for me.
Enter Monica!!! She is not a dietitian but a Holistic Nutritionist.  First, she really took the time to get to know me....not just the physical me, but the spiritual me and the mental me. Her questionnaires were the most extensive I’ve ever filled out!  We discussed everything and through some simple tests, Monica determined that I had little to no stomach acid and digestive ‘fire’ (and the “doctors” were treating me for excessive stomach acid making my problems worse and causing a domino effect of other problems).  All my problems didn’t start overnight and Monica laid out an initial nutrition plan for me for the following 6 months, taking some supplements and following a diet to heal my gut and support my digestive organs.
Within one week I could feel a difference and I continue to feel better. She guided me through all the dietary stages and explained that social life was just as important to health and how to navigate meals so as to be forgiving with the diet and be able to go out and enjoy meals with friends.
Am I totally cured...not yet, but know I am well on my way. She is always there...just a text away when something comes up or providing a recipe or great food idea blog site.

Thank you Monica!"

-Donna Orbach, Tulum Mexico. 

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