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Casa Arora is Almost Done!

I started having a house built here in Tulum, Mexico one year ago, we broke ground in May 2017. It is named after my mom, who as you know passed away, in June 2012. Her maiden name was Arora.

My house is going to be done in less than two weeks and with it being so close it got me thinking about some things.

My mom is present every moment of my life, and in more ways than just knowing that she is watching over me. My mother is with me every moment of my life because everything I have is because of her but more importantly because she was and continues to be the biggest influence on and inspiration for who I am. Having this house with her name above the entrance is just one of the countless reminders I have of her everyday. As much as these reminders are painful sometimes, they are so beautiful and priceless to me. I would not trade them, even with the pain.

Since the house is so close, I thought maybe I should just wait until it was done to post about it. But then I thought about how, in life, the process and not the destination is where the gold is. It is where the learning, the growth and the change happens. Process to me is the goal, it is where I always want to be. Once we reach one 'end', we start the process to the next one. Everything in the world happens and un-happens in process. Process is beautiful! Be well! From Sinergia Wellness

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals"

Zig Ziglar

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