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The All Powerful Smoothie!!

I have been staying with my partner's family for the past two weeks. His sister and his niece have been wanting to get healthier for some time, but just never got started. Since we have been here they have started a walking program every morning (Memo goes with them early) and I have been talking to them about nutrition. It inspired me to write this post. I like to get people started on smoothies, especially green ones, first. They are easy, tasty, versatile and give you a huge nutrition boost all in one shot. What's more is your digestive system has to do very little work to process and absorb it so you feel an increase in energy very quickly, and who doesn't want that? There are thousands of smoothie recipes on the internet. Something for literally everyone. The only thing you need is a decent blender. Here are the top 20 benefits of green smoothies, yes top 20! Because the benefits are endless! Happy Blending!

My Basic Green Smoothie That Everyone Loves

Coconut Water (or water)

Frozen Banana

Frozen Berries (and kind or mix)


Play with the quantities and make it delicious to you. Play around, and have fun, you really can't go wrong if you use flavours that you like.

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