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I came across this unknown quote as I was transitioning into my new life in Mexico. I was waiting for my new house to be finished, in movement a lot and living out of a suitcase. I still managed to get my exercise in, at least 4 times a week, and it helped me infinitely to cope with the chaotic situation I was living in. This quote was such a good reminder for me about the importance of daily routine.

Many people struggle to 'find the time for exercise'. Here are my top tips for making it happen.

1) Time does not create itself, we have to make the time for the things that are important to and for us.

2) Make a realistic goal. To begin, I always say 30 minutes three times a week. There is no excuse to not find time for that. I say this because the most important thing with exercise is to make it a part of your life and routine. Once 30 minutes three times a week is a solid part of your life, you can add another day, then start adding more time.

3) Start with something doable like walking, or riding a bike. Something that will push you, but will not be so painful that you can use it as an excuse to stop. Building up slowly is the key to maintaining your habit and to not getting injured.

4) Do something you like! If you don't like running don't do it. You will quit, and/or you will hurt yourself. It may take time to find what you like, but keep looking until you do. This will give you one less excuse to stop.

5) Do not give yourself an option. No 'I will try to do my exercise today', or, 'I'll do it tomorrow'. Treat it like eating or sleeping, no option, no out.

I love Beach Body, they have a ton of different types of programs for all fitness levels. Beach Body on Demand allows you to pay a membership and access unlimited workouts digitally.

I hope you find this helpful! All the best and all the health, from Sinergia Wellness

This is away to strik your mind, that worked really well for me.

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