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This Book Changed My Life

The journey to living your best life is life long. There are so many little and big things that contribute to our learning and development. Sometimes we need a little help with where to look. This is a book that truly changed my life. It is not religious, even though the name mentions God. It's about how almost all women have pathological relationships not only with food, but with their own bodies. If you can relate to that at all, this book is for you. The influence of this book on me and my life kind of snuck up on me. I was working on a First Nations reserve in Central British Columbia in the community health center. After to getting to know me a little and starting to become friends a fellow nurse gently recommended the book to me, saying she felt it could 'help' me. At first, I thought, 'that sounds interesting' without really thinking that it was something that I needed. After reading it I noticed how some of my niggly eating habits changed quite seamlessly and more importantly some of my thinking around myself and food. When I t thought about why and how, there was no where else to give credit to than to this book. An example is one of the quotes in the book that I remember stood out to me at the time.

“And if you worry that not finishing the food on your plate is a slap in the face of all the hungry people everywhere, you are not living in reality. The truth is that you either throw the food out or you throw it in, but either way it turns to waste. World hunger will not be solved by finishing the garlic mashed potatoes on your plate.” Of course we don't want to be throwing food away, and the goal is to not take more than you should eat. After i read this book 6 years ago and since, I simply stop eating when I am full no matter what is still on my plate. This may sound small, but for me it was HUGE! And as a little sneak peak here is a link to quotes from the book.


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