Holistic Health Consultation

"I am  constantly discovering new ways to improve my health"

This service is for people who generally want to have more knowledge or control over their own health or who have chronic conditions or symptoms. This includes things like diabetes, high blood pressure or any condition in which the symptoms are being controlled by daily medication and/or you struggle with most days. In my experience many people who have these types of illnesses do not have a good understanding of what it really means, or what is actually going on in their bodies because no one has truly taken the time to explain it them. I can give you that time.


Holistic Health Consultation would begin with me explaining the illness or condition that you have and what is happening in your body in an understandable systematic but holistic way. We would talk about your signs and symptoms, what medication you are on and what other additional things you can do to improve your health and feel better. Complimenting things like nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors specific to the illness with your medication can have an incredibly positive impact on your health and well-being even within the context of chronic illness. Feeling like you have more control over your health can also be extremely beneficial to your overall wellness, and I would like to help you to achieve this.


Read more about how a healthy life style can reduce and improve chronic conditions here.

*Disclaimer- The information provide in my services does not substitute the advice or treatment plan given to you by your doctor. While I draw on my prior professional education and background, you acknowledge that I am supporting you in my role exclusively as a health coach. I provide information concerning, but not limited to, the maximizing of human health and optimizing wellness, through nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors that do not interfere nor replace any treatment provided or suggested to you by your doctor.

Nutrition Services 

'I happily replace dieting with healthy eating'

Some people want to just focus on nutrition and eating better. That's great, and this service is for you. I am a practitioner of holistic nutrition. Holistic Nutritionists focus on the whole person, and recognize that no one program or way of eating is right for everyone. Also, in holistic nutrition, although the main focus is on food, we address lifestyle, emotional and spiritual health as these components can be contributing to unhealthy eating.  Moreover, when these areas are addressed and positively adjusted they contribute greatly to not only eating healthier but also to how you digest, absorb, process and eliminate food. Thus, the benefit that you get from changing your food increases exponentially and you feel even better. If this approach does not resonate with you, you can choose the areas that you would like to focus on and I will support you.


Nutrition Services begins with an assessment of where you are at right now. This includes what and how you are eating as well as any signs and symptoms that you are having. I will give you a five day food log, and forms with lists of symptoms that you rate as having on a range from never to often. Based on this information we design a customized program that is doable and realistic for you. Holistic nutritionists take into consideration many factors to design your program. This includes your cooking experience, skills, and ability, foods you like and don't like, how much you eat at home and many other factors. I do not create programs that are unrealistic. I create programs that set you up for success by creating small but significant steps that bring you closer and closer to your ultimate goals over time. Holistic nutrition does not believe in the 'perfect diet' or dieting at all for that matter. It is about constantly taking the next step towards healthier eating and a healthier you.


*Disclaimer- I would like to clarify that although I will give you foods to focus on and to reduce as well as giving you examples on how to use these foods, what to replace less desirable foods with and recipe ideas I do not provide meal plans. The reason is I believe in teaching people, over the course of our relationship to move more and more towards intuitive eating which we will talk about more when we meet.


Health and Wellness Coaching


'My health is my wealth'

I would like to start by briefly describing the difference between health and wellness or well-being. Health is defined by objective data like numbers, such as weight, blood pressure and other such data that can be seen by other people. Wellness, on the other hand, is subjective. Things like how much energy you have, what you feel like after you eat a meal, your thoughts about yourself etc. They are not things that can be seen by other people, but the essence of how you feel. Wellness includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. All of these pieces are important for your well-being, and your health and wellness coach can work on any or all of these with you.

A health and wellness coach is a professional who helps you to reach goals and make changes specific to your health and well-being. Things such as eating better, feeling better about yourself, incorporating activity into your daily life etc. As your coach I would first help you to define what your goals are and why. The why is very important, because when things feel challenging this is what will motivate you. As a Health and Wellness Coach I have education and expertise in the fields of nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and spiritual practices. With this knowledge I can help you make sense of all the confusing information out there. No one program is right for everyone, so I work with you as an individual to design changes and actions that are doable and realistic for you to reach smaller stepping stone goals. In this way, with each step, you feel motivated and inspired to keep going. And before you know it, each accomplishment has led you to reach your ultimate goals.


You can learn more about how wellness coaching helps here.

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