April 7, 2020

Hi everyone, hope that all of you are keeping well and healthy during these life changing times. I hope that I can offer some valuable tips to all of you. I would love to hear from you, tell me what you like, if you try any of the recommendations, and what your experie...

June 12, 2019

Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days and I bet a lot of people have a lot of questions. I am going to answer some of them here. 

 1. Is intermittent fasting just another fad?

I mean I guess it could be looked at that way, but I see it more as a result of...

May 28, 2019

Wow, how time flies. I thought it had been 6 months since I said I would write a follow-up blog on fear. But it has been 10 months. Not that 6 months is acceptable either so my apologies! 

In my blog post about fear, I wrote that a deep chronic unease I had felt fo...

February 15, 2019

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who is a personal development coach. I was oddly surprised when she told me that the main thing people come to her for is advice on how to improve their relationships. Not to have a relationship, but to have better ones....

July 29, 2018

It has been way harder than I thought to write this blog post about fear. I hope it can help you, or at least you find it interesting.

Let's start with why I want to write it. I saw this quote "be scared and do it anyway". It made me think of all the times people have a...

May 21, 2018

I started having a house built here in Tulum, Mexico one year ago, we broke ground in May 2017. It is named after my mom, who as you know passed away, in June 2012. Her maiden name was Arora. 

My house is going to be done in less than two weeks and with it being so clos...

May 17, 2018

I have been staying with my partner's family for the past two weeks. His sister and his niece have been wanting to get healthier for some time, but just never got started. Since we have been here they have started a walking program every morning (Memo goes with them ea...

May 16, 2018

I came across this unknown quote as I was transitioning into my new life in Mexico. I was waiting for my new house to be finished, in movement a lot and living out of a suitcase. I still managed to get my exercise in, at least 4 times a week, and it helped me infinitel...

May 1, 2018

The journey to living your best life is life long. There are so many little and big things that contribute to our learning and development. Sometimes we need a little help with where to look. This is a book that truly changed my life. It is not religious, even though t...

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