Meet Monica

My name is Monica Kumar. I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Health and Wellness Coach, Personally, I am a dreamer, mover, change embracer, and helper. My personal and career paths merge in this way. I have always been a helper, it's the only way I feel complete.


My career started as an RN. I have worked in many different areas including addiction, HIV/AIDS, medicine, Indigenous health, and emergency and in many different settings, including hospitals, community health centres, on the street, and on Indigenous reserves. My nursing career and experience are invaluable to me, and I truly loved it. Although I am not currently working in the field in a traditional way, I will always be a nurse as it is intertwined in everything I do and am.


In 2012, I started to shift to holistic health because I really wanted to be part of a discipline that focuses on maintaining or restoring well-being, instead of just managing disease. Coaching health and wellness revealed itself as a good fit for me and it is how I combine my knowledge from nursing, holistic nutrition and my varied personal experience and struggles with health and well-being. Then, looking for a way to maximize the use of all of my education and experience for the benefit of my clients, I created my holistic health consultation service.

Along my way in life, I have faced many challenging situations, including, obesity and food addiction, depression, physical illness, and losing my mother and brother within nine months of each other. Through it all I learned to access all of the personal strengths and outward support that I could, always searching for ways to keep moving forward, and to live a joyous, meaningful life.

My mission and purpose is to support and empower people to access their own inner strengths and genius about themselves. Everyone is their own best expert, but most people need guidance, support and tools to access and/or remember that expertise at some point or points in their lives. I would love to be that for you, to work with you towards your own best life.

I currently live with my partner in the South Eastern part of Mexico building and living our dreams.

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